2016 Impact, at a glance

People in our community partner with us to improve the place they call home and make an impact in their own neighborhoods.

After 26 years of building lives and decent places to call home in the San Juan region, we are genuinely touched by our community who believe deeply in our vision and help us make a serious impact. 

In 2016 we built a record-breaking five homes (52 total since 1991), which put roofs over the heads of nine children; provided financial counseling to 22 families and completed 11 home repair projects.

Since 2011 we’ve tripled our ReStore sales (which fund all admin operations) and, in the past year, made a nearly 5M dollar economic impact locally.

So, what does it take to build that kind of impact?

It takes future homebuyers—who put in between 250 and 500 hours of sweat equity working on their homes—and those of our partners, donors and dedicated volunteers who give their time and energy to help other families build a better life.

Check out some of the impact you’ve helped us achieve in the last year below; and thank you again foryour support, and for all that you do!

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